Café Malvasia

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Café Malvasia

If you follow the main pathway of Monemvasia Castle to its end, you will discover a real gem. As soon as you reach the plateau, you will see one of the most beautiful views you΄ve ever seen. In fact, if you get there the right time, in the early morning or in the evening, the view can be seductive. The quiet, discreet Café Malvasia blends with the landscape, as if it had always been there.
Peace & Quiet

Majesty Landscape

You may sit on the traditional wicker chairs in the shade of the trees and sip something refreshing while gazing at the open sea. The majesty of the landscape, the absolute peace and quiet, interrupted only by the hiss of the air or the hushed conversations of the visitors (almost everybody here speaks in whispers!), or a sweet sensation of rest after walking, give the impression that time has stopped or that flows very slowly.

Even if you find it difficult to leave Café Malvasia, we recommend you to continue your evening at the same relaxing mood in the adjacent Bar Malvasia. This unique and popular bar has a long history and has created a fanatical audience. It operates only during the summer season and it welcomes visitors on its terrace with a spectacular panoramic sea view while offering a variety of drinks and some sophisticated cocktails listening to hand-picked, quality music (jazz, etc.). Combining the above with the genuine enthusiasm and passion of Jimmy, makes Bar Malvasia a really special place to visit.

Generally, both the Café and the Bar Malvasia have decided to offer a different and more sophisticated type of entertainment in comparison to other similar establishments within the Castle and they are doing it consistently for many years, so we highly recommend them if you like this type of entertainment.